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Angtamin's Lore Boutique



This portal is provided for both my valued customers and the visitors here as well.

If perchance, you find that you are unable to purchase from this boutique, I would recommend to ye folks any merchants from The Elanthian Merchant Alliance.

Otherwise, I have included links to my favorite libraries and sources of knowledge.

Once again, thank ye for visit. May your travels find ye equally as safe as ye are challenged.

With humblest thanks,

~ Angtamin

The Finest Mapmaker In The Lands

A Source of Fine Utilities for Character and Player Alike!

One of the finest Libraries in all the Lands, without question.

Another fine Library and Source of Information

Containing Many ancient Tomes and knowledge, a must see for the Historian or Lorekeeper.

An excellent source of historical data as well as general information and entertaining reading.