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Library | Portal

You see a small room filled with soft lighting, and elegant upholestries. Several types of chairs and tables are placed at fair space from each other, spaced so that each area allows some quiet reading.

Several bookshelves line the walls, each one being identified by a carved plaque, as to the contents within.

A simple placard near a doorway simply reads,
"Welcome! Enjoy the many works of Lore and History here. - Angtamin"

Library Notice:

(The following are document files that are either able to read in plain text, by clicking with your mouse on the book.

Otherwise, you may right click on the Tome and 'Save Target As' and read in your format of preference.

If you prefer, any Tomes written by a Coyoterre can be sent via scroll to you, so that you can capture the original intent of the writings. Simply let the clerk know.)

Angtamin's Lore Boutique

Historic References

Official Elanthian History

History of the Giant kin Clans

Official Human History

History of the Wyrdeep Faendryl Elves

Hunting and Professional Reference

Angtamin's Guide to Blade Selection

Delmax's Critical Rank Guide

Miscellaneous but Useful Reference

The Gods of Elanthia

Elven Dogma and Theology

Tomes of Fiction or Opinion