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Fashion and Accessories
Angtamin's Boutique


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Boutique Closure Notice:

Day 9 of the month Eorgaen in the year 5101.

For reasons I will not mention at this time, this boutique in its current state will be closing by the end o' this month. The libraries and other information will be maintained under the care of Turinrond Coyoterre, my nephew, but no longer will goods be sold from this location.

I will be hosting a Public Reserve Auction 1 week from today. The Reserve Auction will be held in the town of Wehnimer's Landing, Restday, the 16th of Eorgaen. The exact location will be announced on the amunet. The approximate time of commencement will be between 5 and 6 pm Elven time.

My thanks to all of you for your business, and my best wishes to you and yours in your future travels.

Mirrors on the Wall, and small locked display cases, fill this room of mostly containers, toys, clothing and accessories.

A quiet Elven clerk nods to you and glances at a small sign, then smiles at you and looks away.

Written on the small sign, you see:

"Welcome all. Please make sure you read the rules of this boutique - my clerks are under strict guidelines, and I would not want to cause you undue embarassments."

~ Angtamin

(Note: Please make sure you Refresh your browser to get the most current inventory.)

You see a shiny bronze placard on top of a counter.
The placard says in scribe,
"Effective Eorgaen of 5101, items stagnating in inventory
Will be listed for Auction at Lady Cleodelia's Auction House."

Lady Cleodelia's Online Gemstone III Auction

Cloak Rack

A Butterfly Clasped Silk Cloak: Closeable. 7 pounds. Holds over 100 pounds.
23,000 Silvers.

A Dark Red Minstrel's Cloak: 15 pounds. Doesn't hold anything.
13,000 Silvers.

An Ebony Spidersilk Cloak: Weighs 10. Holds over 100. Closeable.
58,000 Silvers.

A Royal Purple Greatcloak. Stuck Open. 9 pounds. Holds over 80.
5,000 Silvers.

A Fur-Lined Fishing Jacket: 6 pounds. Closes. Cloak worn. Holds at least 80.
60,000 Silvers.

A Well-Oiled Black Leather Greatcloak. 7 pounds.
60,000 Silvers.

A Bear-Hide Mantle: Holds at least 80. 8 Pounds. Stuck Open.
5,000 Silvers.

A Tattered Bone-Clasped Cape. Weighs 4. Closes.
9,500 Silvers.


A Light Mithril Axe Harness: 7 pounds. Shoulder Worn. Closes. Holds 15.
75,000 Silvers.

A Furry Bear Paw Pouch. Belt Worn. Holds 5 Pounds.
2,000 Silvers.

A Studded Black Leather Weapons Harness. Holds 10 pounds. Weighs 6. Stuck Open. Shoulder Worn.
15,000 Silvers.

An Ora-Studded Leather Axe-Frog. Belt worn Sheath.
20,000 Silvers.


A Pair of Ruby Studded Silver Slippers.
10,000 Silvers.

A Ruby-Studded Silver Filigree Circlet. Head Worn.
10,000 Silvers.

An Amber-Edged Ebonwood Circlet. Head Worn.
10,000 Silvers.

Some Delicate Silvery Sandals.
5,000 Silvers.

A Soft Lavender Kerchief. Head worn. Push, Pull, Turn for different Hair Styles.
15,000 Silvers.

A Soft Saffron Kerchief. Head worn. Push, Pull, Turn for different Hair Styles.
15,000 Silvers.

Some Ripped Black Climbing Boots. Pocketed. Stuck Open.
15,000 Silvers.

Some Light Pink Suede Boots. Pocketed, Stuck Open. 2 Pounds.
11,000 Silvers.

Some Weathered Leather Gloves. Hidden, Closeable Pocket. 4 pounds.
25,000 Silvers.


A String of Sea Green Glass Beads: Neck Worn.
6,000 Silvers

A Silver Lizard Skull Earring: Lobe Worn.
1,000 Silvers.

A Strand Of Black Pearls. Neck worn.
1,000 Silvers.

A Carved Ruby Rose Pendant. Neck worn.
20,000 Silvers.

A Sunstone Circle Pin. Pin Worn.
1,000 Silvers.

A Ruby-Eyed Black Skull Pin.
500 silvers.

A Green Malachite Luck Talisman. Pin Worn.
1,000 Silvers.

Some Diamond And Ruby Earrings.
1,000 Silvers.

A Twisted Gold Wire Rolton Pin.
4,000 Silvers.

A Golden Pumpkin Pin.
5,000 Silvers.

A Golden Pumpkin Pendant
2,000 Silvers.

A Glittering Ruby Heart Ring.
5,000 Silvers.

A Crude Roa'ter-Toothed Necklace. Critter Found in Zul Lugoth.
1,000 Silvers (covers the Cart Ride.)

A Bear Tooth Pendant. Neck Worn.
1,500 Silvers.

A Woven Wheat Lover's Knot. Pin Worn.
20,000 Silvers.

Magical Items

A Flame-Etched Brooch:
You put on a flame-etched brooch.
An aura of bright red surrounds you then fades as quickly as it came.
The flame-etched brooch contains the spell Repel Undead, from the cleric circle.
This is a wearable item, which casts spells from the Spirit sphere. It has 7 charges.
50,000 Silvers.

A Faded Red Scroll - Never Used.
On the red scroll you see
(403) Lock Pick Enhancement
(404) Disarming Enhancement
12,000 Silvers.

A Silver-Edged Dragonfire Ruby Amulet - Blank Imbeddible. Crumbly.
8,000 Silvers.

Toys and Miscellaneous Items

A Cockatrice Feather Duster.
1,000 Silvers.

A Worn Wooden Crutch.
1,000 Silvers.

A Slightly Nicked Shaving Razor.
1,000 Silvers.

Some Smooth Crystal Worry Stones - Get your mind off of things.
"You turn your crystal worry stones over and over in your palm, comforted by the soft feel of its smooth surfaces."
10,000 Silvers

A Long Black Beard (Yes, we cleaned it off.)
3 Styles you can manipulate it with.
2,500 Silvers.

A Pair of Oval-Shaped Spectacles.
They clean themselves off and other 'actions'.
25,000 Silvers.

A Gold-Capped Black Fel Cane. Tap, Lean.
5,000 Silvers.

A Wrinkled Stained Handkerchief.
"As the sales clerk rubs his face with his handkerchief, he deposits a faint streak of grime on his cheek."
2,000 Silvers.

A Smelly Rolton Hide Rag
""As the sales clerk rubs his face with his rag, he deposits a faint streak of grime on his cheek."
2,000 Silvers.

An Old Greasy Rag
A sales clerk waves his greasy rag around his head vigorously, raising up a cloud of tiny insects that circle menacingly for a moment. As soon as the clerk stops, they quickly settle back on the rag.
A sales clerk rubs his hands on his greasy rag in an apparent effort to clean them.
6,000 Silvers.

A Maoral-Handled Shovel. Push, Lean. (It's a shovel!)
10,000 Silvers.

An Embroidered White Linen Handkerchief
1,000 Silvers.