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Hunting Gear
Angtamin's Boutique


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Boutique Closure Notice:

Day 9 of the month Eorgaen in the year 5101.

For reasons I will not mention at this time, this boutique in its current state will be closing by the end o' this month. The libraries and other information will be maintained under the care of Turinrond Coyoterre, my nephew, but no longer will goods be sold from this location.

I will be hosting a Public Reserve Auction 1 week from today. The Reserve Auction will be held in the town of Wehnimer's Landing, Restday, the 16th of Eorgaen. The exact location will be announced on the amunet. The approximate time of commencement will be between 5 and 6 pm Elven time.

My thanks to all of you for your business, and my best wishes to you and yours in your future travels.

A very large room opens up in front of you, filled with several beautiful hand carved cases and displays, filled with armor, weapons, and other hunting equipment.

A quiet Elven clerk nods to you and glances at a small sign, then smiles at you and looks away.

Written on the small sign, you see:

"Welcome all. Please make sure you read the rules of this boutique - my clerks are under strict guidelines, and I would not want to cause you undue embarassments."

~ Angtamin

(Refresh your browser to insure that the inventory is current.)

You see a shiny bronze placard on top of a counter.
The placard says in scribe,
"Effective Eorgaen of 5101, items stagnating in inventory
Will be listed for Auction at Lady Cleodelia's Auction House."

Lady Cleodelia's Online Gemstone III Auction

The Weaponry Corner

One Handed Edged Weapons

O Enchants

A Gleaming Steel Dirk - Dagger base. Blessable, Further Enchantable.
6500 Silvers.

2 Enchants
(Must be 5 Trains to Wield)

A Pure White Ora Fleuret:Rapier Equivalent. 3 Pounds. Sancted.
89,000 Silvers.

An Ivory-Hilted Golden Ora Falchion: Blessable and Further Enchantable. 5 pounds. 90/190 Forging.
60,000 Silvers.

A Basket-Hilted Enruned Ora Estoc - Blessable and Further Enchantable. 4 pounds. 80/190 Forging.
40,000 Silvers.

2.5 Enchants (Imflass = + 12)
(Must be 6 Trains to Wield)

A Ruby-Hilted Imflass Scimitar: Blessable and Further Enchantable. 80/190 Forging. 3 Pounds.
51,000 Silvers.

A Battered Imflass Longsword - Blessable and Further Enchantable. 3 pounds. 90/190 Forging.
63,000 Silvers.

A Basket-Hilted Imflass Longsword - Blessable and Further Enchantable. 3 pounds. 90/190 Forging.
35,000 Silvers.

3 Enchants
(Must be 8 Trains to Wield)

A Translucent Rainbow Glaes Foil - Rapier Base.
Ice Flares, 4 pounds, 54/165 Forging.
200,000 Silvers.

A Well-Balanced Glaes Hatchet: Earth Flares. 15 pounds. 94/225 Forging.
300,000 Silvers.

4 Enchants
(Must be 10 Trains to Wield)

A Gold-Hilted Silvery Rolaren Falchion: Lightning Flares. 5 Pounds. 75/160 Forging.
293,000 Silvers.

A Gold-Hafted Silvery Rolaren Hatchet: Lightning Flares. 75/170 forging. 6 pounds.
293,000 Silvers.

One Handed Blunt Weapons

A Fel-Hafted Rolaren-Studded Mace: 4 Enchants. Blessable and Further Enchantable. 8 pounds. 85/315 Forging.
195,000 Silvers.

A Pure White Vultite Hammer: 4 Enchants. Blessable and Further Enchantable.
15,000 Silvers.

A Skull-Capped Tanik Mace: 3 Enchants. Earth Flares. 8 Pounds.
92,000 Silvers.

A Mail Mesh Bag Of Scrap Metal: 3.5 Enchants (+18). 7 Pounds.
65,000 Silvers.

Two Handed Weapons

A Razor-Sharp Steel Claidhmore - 12 pounds. New Style.
20,000 Silvers.

A Black Leather-Handled Claidhmore - 12 pounds. New Style.
15,000 Silvers.

A Heavy Imflass Glacier Pick - 2.5 Enchants (+12). 8 pounds. Blessable. (Greatsword Equivalent.)
36,000 Silvers.

A Silver-Gilded Vultite Balestarius - 4 Enchants. Blessable, Further Enchantable.
Battle Axe Equivalent, 7 pounds, 85/195 Forging.
100,000 Silvers.

Pole Arms

An Icy Blue Vultite Scythe: 4 Enchants. Ice Flares. Polearm Base.
200,000 Silvers.

A Warped Green Vultite Sarissa: 4 Enchants. Acid Flares. 12 pounds. Polearm Base.
150,000 Silvers.



An Iron-Rimmed Imflass Shield - + 12 Protection. 5 Pounds.
36,000 Silvers.

A Petrified Rib Cage Shield. 3 Enchants. 8 Pounds.
65,000 Silvers.

A Frosty White Vultite Shield: 4 Enchants. Vultite Forging.
50,000 Silvers.

Armor Add-Ons and Accessories

Some Polar Paw Gauntlets. Arm Worn Protection.
10,000 Silvers.

Some Myklian Scale Gauntlets. Arm Worn Protection.
100,000 Silvers.